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Since 1967
Since 1967, SIOM Orfèvres has devoted itself to peculiarity, chic and refinement. Its ever-growing quest for class, distinction and quality are the driving force behind its remarkable journey of achievements and its international success and reputation. Indulge yourself in the beauty of our various collections. Whether they are classical or modern, oriental or royal, conventional or contemporary, they are all imprinted with the know-how, the taste and the finest quality. Pure lines, soft curves, virtuous shapes, it is SIOM’s world of charm and refinement, a world where harmony will always blend with distinction, finesse and excellence.


From its humble beginnings

in 1967 and until 1979, the family owned business was set on producing high quality silverware for its small silverware shop (Silver Market), located in the prestigious Hamra district of Beirut.

The production started in a 40 m2 workshop with very limited resources and a small group of highly skilled silversmiths. The products were limited to few ranges: the essentials for fine dining, and refined gift items.


Having attained a wider customer base

in the 80’s, SIOM had to develop larger production systems to satisfy the growing demand for its goods.

The workshop was relocated to a new 400m2 facility, and the products were further diversified to cover a larger choice and range. Computer technology was introduced to carefully manage operations and manufacturing, and great emphasis was placed on developing the export markets of Europe and the Middle East


With its success and ever-growing business

SIOM inaugurated a 2500 square meters headquarters in 1994, which housed both manufacturing and operations.

A high level of investment in the production plant and modern information technology were made to keep the company on top of its competition, and to ensure a continuous superiority in production techniques, manufacturing efficacy and quality.

The enterprise also developed a private labeling program division to meet the demand of very prestigious brand-names worldwide. This growth allowed SIOM to develop its export business globally, and thus to cover over 25 countries in 1996.


SIOM's continuous quest for perfection

in manufacturing and technological innovation, its strategic product development orientation and innovations, and its rigorous implementation of highest quality standards, have led to the expansion of its headquarters to over 6000 square meters in 1998.

Following this development, SIOM was able to re-engineer its quality standards to meet the ISO 9001 requirements, and has emerged as the largest silverware and stainless steel manufacturer in the Middle East and among the leading respected manufacturers worldwide.


Over 50 years of experience with trustful partners

provide the solid basis for consistent values which will always be preserved and cherished. Moral principles, professional conduct, extraordinary product collections and exceptional quality proved to be the driver behind SIOM’s success and growth.

The inauguration of the newly developed 4000 square meters additional sophisticated manufacturing area in 2017 will provide a vital expansion and will further enhance SIOM's standing and its competitive edge in the international market.

2017 50 years of experience