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Unique Designs

SIOM’s diversified patterns allow you to select, from 12 different designs, the choice that best suits your needs and style. Our selections are designed to provide a perfect balance between everyday use and aesthetic pleasure. Whether you prefer a contemporary, classic or modern style, we have the choice that suits your requirements.
Touch it, lift it and feel its quality, note the sculpted shapes and the elegant contours. Discover how the magnificence and richness of these lines represent a link that joins the elegance of the design to the nobility of the fine silverware.

Distinctive Products

Our corporate marketing strategy is directed at collections with high degrees of functionality and appealing design. These collections have been harmonized for each particular market segment to ensure that lifestyles, tastes, trends and expressions within each market are constantly met worldwide.
Our product development orientation is geared towards superior quality products, in which, each individual piece, and how it blends in within its own collection, play a conclusive role in meeting specific market requirements

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity, inspiration and relentless quest for harmony and style are critical elements in creating all our product lines. The result is a completely value driven company entrusted to create an unlimited variety of designs, and the most diversified choice of stainless steel and silverware.
The company has never tied itself down to a particular direction where design is concerned. On the contrary, we have been always receptive to innovative propositions, trends and tastes.
Our design division plays the fundamental role in the harmonious marriage between traditional and modern concepts. This division also integrates both the artistic and the technological aspects of each product.

Knowledge Management

Our Information Technology Department (IT) group integrates all corporate activities such as accounting, production control, stocks, marketing, logistics, sales and customer service, to ensure efficient operations and strong synergy of all activities within our corporate group.

Total Quality Systems

SIOM supplies the highest standards products. Our Customer Service will be pleased to discuss with you at any early stage of your production any questions you might have with regards to alloys, plating, quality, sizes, packing etc… Our integrated quality program, designed to continuously improve the quality of our products was re-engineered to comply with ISO 9001-2015 Quality requirements.
SIOM’s products are subject to the most stringent controls throughout the production process. Highly trained and experienced members of the quality team perform careful inspection of the product at every stage of manufacturing process, according to documented procedures and schedules, to ensure that all specified quality requirements are met.
Every employee in our organization is committed to total conformance to ISO and quality requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

SIOM supplies the highest standards products. We are determined to be reliable partners with our customers.
Our Customer Service will be pleased to discuss with you at an early stage of your production any questions you might have with regards to alloys, plating, quality, sizes, packing, etc...