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Advanced Metallurgy

SIOM’s ultra modern plating department ensures an exemplary adhesion, strength and durability for pure silver coating.
Our manufacturing facility assimilates cutting edge technology in all the different stages of production. This guarantees the development of superior norms and standards for holloware and flatware.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

A high level of investment in production plant, manufacturing process and operations sequences has led to SIOM being among the leading silverware and stainless steel manufacturers worldwide.
Owing to efficient and ultra modern production techniques, SIOM’s product range is considered the widest in the industry.
Our strategic manufacturing policy keeps a close look at reforming operations, promoting and developing new processes, and pursuing the leading edge technology.

Mold Making Technology

An advanced mold making division that houses the most sophisticated CAD/CAM systems allows SIOM to be a Customer Oriented Company. This advanced set-up permits us to provide an impressive turnaround time between our products conception and their realization.

Craftsmanship Technology

Five Finishing divisions including CNC equipment and advanced state of the art multi-production methods are in the heart of the technology used within SIOM.
These divisions, combined with the unparalleled expertise and experience of traditional craftsmanship, ensure the finest quality silverware.
Our strategic business policy is clearly illustrated by combining together a highly developed sense of craftsmanship with advanced technology.

Customized Production

Our tailor-made products division customizes solutions to meet your individual occasions, events and needs.
This division works closely with you to ensure that custom tailored products are engineered to accommodate your exact specifications. One of SIOM’s major strengths is to tailor solutions to meet the individual requirements of each customer.