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Raw Materials

Only the highest quality raw materials are used to provide a perfect base for superior finishing before plating.
A certificate of quality with each raw material batch we receive certifies compliance with extreme quality norms such as grain size, alloy contents and straightness measuring. Brass (cuZn37), Copper, 18% Nickel Silver (CuNi18Zn20), and Stainless Steel AISI 304 (Ex X5CrNi18-10), among other raw materials, are all utilized in our production.


Patterns are made from solid brass and carefully fixed to each piece with special silver brazing alloy to achieve the best adherence and resistance results.


Soldering and brazing are performed using only the highest purity allows and fluxes on all joints and weak points. This ensures a superior bonding microstructure, a greater resistivity, and the ultimate mechanical, electrical and physical properties on all joints.


Our plating division assimilates cutting edge technology and insures an exemplary adhesion, strength and durability for pure silver coating. This guarantees superior norms and standards for holloware and flatware. Plating conforms to Superior European Standards using 999.5‰ pure silver. Embodying intelligent technology in our production gives you, quite simply, everything you expect from every SIOM product.


Plated accessories (handles, knobs, hinges, necks, bases, etc..) are all made from casted solid brass to maintain maximum strength and durability. Brass alloying is performed on casted accessories to improve workability, resistance, hardness, strength and other physical properties.


Surfaces, edges and joints are finished to blend in with the body of the piece ensuring an exceptional finishing, thus an extremely selective piece. All mechanical and chemical finishing activities and processes are carefully selected taking into consideration the physical properties of each metal. Each piece is individually inspected and tested before packing.